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5 Tips on Ensuring Safety When Using Scissor Lifts

  1. Never forget to put on the safety harness

It is sad to someone operating a scissor lift without a safety harness but it happens often times. Do not underestimate any fall from the scissor; whether you are working 10, 19, 40, 26 or whatever foot from the ground, a fall can be dangerous. There are times when people have fallen and lost their lives so you need to be careful. You do not have to risk your life by working without a harness; just wear it before working and you will be safe as you work.

  1. Do not misuse a scissor lift by using it in the way it shouldn’t be used

Misusing a scissor lift is a recipe for accident or injury. You can prevent such unnecessary accidents by taking the right measures. An example of a preventive measure is working as far away from power lines when it is windy as possible. If you need to move the scissor lift over a rough or uneven terrain, get down first before moving it. Taking shortcuts could cost you your life or lead to serious injuries so quit using them.

  1. If you are not sure about the safety of a scissor lift, just don’t use it

Before a scissor lift hire, test its capability. It does not matter whether you are using your own lift or you have rented, just test it to be safe. When inspecting and testing the lift, be careful about loose or poor battery wiring, leaks in fittings and hydraulic hoses, braking and steering components, excessive wear or gouges in tires, and the proper working of the control box and especially the button for safety stop. Move forward only after you are sure that there are no safety concerns and that there is a good working condition. Being cautious can save you a trip to the emergency room.

  1. Read and get to know the owners and operators manual inside out

Do not ignore the operator’s manual as it has very important information. The manual is positioned at a very strategic position where you can reach and read. This is to demonstrate its importance so read it and understand it properly. Is it better for you to learn how to operate the scissor lift from a fellow workmate or from the manufacturer? It is definitely safe to learn from the manufacturer. Follow all the rules and regulations written on the manual. Some of them include; always step on the lift with both feet when walking or working on the scissor lift. In addition, do not use ladders, scaffolding or planks when on the lifts in order to increase your height. Ensure that the platform, shoes and steps are free from grease, oil and any other slippery substance.

  1. Be keen on the specifications given by the manufacturer

Trust the specifications given by the manufacturer as they understand the lift very well. The manufacturer has tested and re-tested the specifications during R&D, after the lift leaves the industry and during manufacturing. If the manufacturer has specified the number of people who should operate the lift or the maximum weight of the lift, just abide as the manufacturer understands the specifications better.

The above are just some safety tips when operating scissor lifts. Follow them and you will have a safe time using the lifts.

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