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A Clever Online Platform to Design your Kitchen

Online kitchen plans allow you to draw your design online and select the various kitchen components that will fit in the space available. The designs are then delivered to you ready for installation.

An online kitchen plan saves you money as it does not cost as much to prepare when compared to when you call someone to draw it for you. It allows you to express your preferences as you draw for yourself.

The plans do not include spaces for appliances such as dishwashers, cooker, oven or washing machines so remember to create space for them. If you want to learn how to create an online plan for your kitchen, follow the following steps;

  1. Draw the plan

Measure the actual size of the kitchen including the floor and wall area. Use a graph to represent the area or a floor plan if it is available. Determine the number of cabinets that you need and their location, location for a floor cooker and table and any other space that you want for kitchen units.

  1. Choose the base kitchen cabinets

The choice of kitchen cabinets depends on the service that you are using. The units offered are used for various uses such as waste units, sink basin, normal storage units, drawer units, corner lazy Susan, and for dish washers sinks.  They have a width of 9 to 60 inches, 24 inches deep and 34.5 inches high. You can also select the 24X84 inches unit. It comes with seven shelves. Use the units that fir in the space available and if it is possible, mix the units up. After that, you can select the upper cabinets.

  1. Time or the upper cabinets

Some companies provide wall racks of the same width as floor units. Others plan for normal sized cupboards with spice racks, wine racks and plate racks. They also include special units located above the microwave oven and fridge. You do not have to use the options provided, create a customised deign for your kitchen.

  1. Door style and details

After selecting the cabinets, you need to select the doors and their styles. It is good to choose the same design but you can also use different designs.

  1. Wood finish

Different types of woods include oak, cherry, and maple. The wood can be tinted with different wood stains or it can be natural. Some companies can have more than 21 wood effects, 11 glazing finishes and different colours of paint for the wood. Mix the options for a customised look.

  1. Select the hardware

Choose the knobs and handles for the doors and the upper and floor units. Use the same hardware for a consistent kitchen design Ireland.

  1. Specify unique dimensions

Take advantage of this feature if the plan that you are using accommodates it. If you want a cabinet to be narrower or longer than normal then state it. People with extra wall space or smaller wall space find the unique dimensions very useful. This option is mostly offered by companies who provide custom made furniture for their clients.

After you complete the plan, it’s time for the plan to be delivered. Even though some people prefer to install the cabinets on their own, some companies install them for their clients. It is easy to redesign your kitchen by using the online plan especially if you understand how to use it.

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