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A Guide to selecting your wedding music

In most parts of the world, weddings are generally organized in three main sections: The ceremony when vows are made; the formal reception and wedding reception party. Each section of the wedding calls for a careful selection of music as appropriate music styles differ from one section to another.

When selecting music for the ceremony, consult with the church clergy who will be uniting you or a church coordinator to help you decide on what music will be appropriate. Most of the times, the church is willing to offer the choir, a singer or an organist to play during the ceremony. Otherwise you can bring your own. There is an order of the ceremony and the music selected should fit within it accordingly.  Ask for the ceremony order from the clergy or church coordinator and request them to provide you with a wide range of songs and hymns that you can select from.

At the beginning of the ceremony when guests are coming in and settling in, go for soft background music. The tranquil kind of music should play for the most part of the wedding ceremony music and continue during toasts and speeches. Depending on your theme for the wedding, a pianist or string quartet would be ideal for planning this kind of music.

For the party section of the wedding, you need to set a danceable and happy mood. A live band or DJ would be most suitable.  Keep in mind that the age group for your guests is wide therefore the music variety needs to be wide too. That way, guest will be able to find something they can engage in thus setting the party mood.

When prospecting for a band or DJ, check in with them on how much music variety they can play. You can provide them with a list of the kind of music you would like played. The DJ/band may suggest some songs. Listen to the suggested music to determine whether it would be suitable for your selection. There is a wide range of music genres available including pop, classical, jazz, blues, dance, rock, disco and many more. However, not all would fit in well with your theme. Whether you settle for a DJ or a live band for your reception, confirm that they can deliver the kind of music you want.

The temple of the music should vary accordingly. It should serve as background when need be and also get guests dancing when the time is right.

A DJ can offer a variety of services including emceeing. When hiring one, specify his duties during the vent.  There are DJs who specialize in weddings. Those would be the best to hire for your wedding as they have a wide range of wedding music to choose from. They also have experience playing in weddings hence offering better quality services. You can find a DJ or live band on the internet, through a wedding expo, via an entertainment agent or referrals from friends and family.

Finding an entertainment service provider for your wedding can be a fun part of your wedding planning. To avoid last minute pressure, do your market research, prospecting and hiring on time.

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