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Here is what to Expect during your STD Clinic Visit

Have you been less careful and you’re thinking of visiting a STI clinic Galway for the first time to get tested? Perhaps you’re nervous because you aren’t sure what to expect during this visit, right?

Here is what you expect.

First things first: Choose a place to be tested

A gynecologist or your personal doctor can administer the STDs test. You can also consider visiting a public health clinic or planned-parenthood clinic to get tested. It’s important to call the clinic before you visit and confirm if they provide such services.

A common question people ask is whether the STD test are usually anonymous. The answer to that question depends on where the patient resides. In most cases, the gynecologist or the doctor will allocate your test results a random number instead of your real name. However, some regions require positive test results (majorly HIV) to be reported and in this case, the anonymity of the test is compromised.

At the Clinic…

You will be required to fill in some paperwork especially at the reception and even when interacting with your doctor or the gynecologist. You will be required to provide your general health information and sexual history as well. Keep in mind that you should provide accurate information and try as much as you can to be honest.

The form you will be filling in may require you to specify if you need an HIV test. Remember, in some regions, positive test results for HIV must be reported.

After completing the paperwork, the real examination will commence. Your doctor or the gynecologist will lead you into a particular room where you be required to change into clinic gown. The doctor or gynecologist will then initiate a face to face discussion focusing on all the health issues you have dealt with previously. The specialist will give you enough time to reveal all the necessary details. Note that every detail you give is important as it helps the doctor to know what to test for. Besides, providing the wrong details will mislead the doctor and the right STD test may not be administered.

After the discussion, the doctor will carry out several STD tests. These tests can be put into two broad categories including physical STD testing and Visual STD testing.

Visual STD testing

Some of the STDs may be diagnosed by just examining the affected area. These infections include pubic lice, genital herpes, and genital warts.

Physical STD testing

This form of STD testing is appropriate when testing for infections that can’t be diagnosed by just looking at the infected area. These infections include gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes (especially during the early stages of an infection), HIV, trichomoniasis, and more. The test methods vary and the doctor may require you to provide blood samples or urine sample. Besides, the doctor make take a physical swab from your vagina, urethra, or anus.

Waiting for the results

In most cases, the doctor will provide the STD test results the same day while some clinics will take a few days or even a week to avail the test results. You will be required to collect the test results for confidentiality. Other clinics consider sending the test results though the post.

If your test results indicate that you’re positive, the doctor will prescribe the right treatment for your case.

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