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How to Properly Install Shingle Roof

A shingle roof that is old, damaged by weather or if it is deteriorated beyond repair, should be replaced.

Installing a roof requires professional help. This is because of the important role that the roof plays in your home so you need to be very careful when installing it. Roofing contractors understand the ins and outs needed for quality roofing.

Roofing is a technique which is achieved by following through a step by step guide. The following is a guide used when installing shingle roof installation.

How to install shingle roof

Shingle roofing requires a huge investment so you need to understand the process as the homeowner. You need to be alert about the problems to avoid and the costs involved. This will keep you to avoid costly surprises during the roof replacement project.

  1. Choosing a roofing contractor and the roofing quote estimate

Choose a roofing contractor that is licensed, insured and experienced to guarantee quality roofing replacement services. Collect quotes from a number of local roofing experts and compare the quotes.

In as much as you would like to get the best deal in terms of cost, be careful so that you do not compromise on quality of service. Sometimes cheap is expensive and you may come to realize that the cheapest contractor compromises by using inferior material and providing shoddy workmanship.

Good roofing estimates include;

  • An estimation on how long the project will take
  • Scope of work including flashing locations, roofing materials and type of underlayment
  • Specific sealant to be used for weatherproofing
  • Expected results
  • Cost of project broken down into the cost of building materials, labor costs and other costs such as sheathing repairs and the costs of tearing out worn out shingles amongst other costs.
  1. Examining and swapping underlying materials

The roofing Dublin contractor can replace the roof by either adding a new layer of shingles or by completely removing the old shingles. No matter the strategy chosen, the contractor will have to remove the underlying roofing material and shingles so that he can inspect the condition of the wood decking. To provide a solid base, rotten or old wood decking is removed and replaced.

The contractor then installs drip edge on every edge of the roof to prevent snow and water from leaking beneath the shingles.

The roofer installs an ‘ice and water shield’ to provide additional protection and to help the shingles to stick to the wood. It is installed round all roof penetrations and at the bottom of the roof.

  1. Finally, installing the shingles

As you buy the shingles, consider factors such as the quality, durability, life span, and weather resistance of the material. Be keen about the warranty and performance for the roofing shingles. Some manufacturers give 25 years on warranty.

The shingles are installed from the bottom of the roof as you go to the top. After that, install counter flashing, ridge capping and ridge vents. The roofer then cleans the job site and throws away waste materials. Some home owns prefer to recycle the old asphalt shingles instead of depositing them in landfills. The contractor needs to inspect the roof after installation.

For a worthy roofing investment, homeowners should educate themselves on proper roof installations. Consider system, material and workmanship warrant information. The warrant protects you for a long time after installation.

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