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Improving Border Surveillance through Enhancing Machine Vision

Tactical infrastructure like lighting, fencing and roads is important when it comes to securing the border of a nation. Unfortunately, it is not enough to limit unlawful movement of contrabands and people in the country.

According to CBP officials, technology is the best way to create awareness for air, land and maritime domain. Information gathered from ground sensors, mobile and fixed surveillance systems, imaging systems and other technologies enable CBP to monitor, detect, identify and respond to threat along the border.

The Integrated Fixed Towers on the US-Mexico border detects items of interest continuously. It is equipped with radar, imaging sensors, microwave transmitters, off-the-shelf daylight cameras, and it can withstand the harsh desert surroundings.

Managing Diverse Conditions

Varied terrain and diverse outdoor environment makes it challenging for vision systems. To improve the intelligence of the system, you can implement control in strategic places. The CEO of Pyramid Imaging gave an example with customers who monitor trains for illegal passengers along the U.S southern border.  To help in better monitoring, the trains can be equipped with appropriate lighting and sensors.

The agencies tasked with the monitoring use infrared light to detect the train during low light conditions and at night. Thermal imaging has its limitations but it is good or monitoring motorized watercrafts.

CMOS Surpasses CCD

CMOS surpass CCD in performance and quality.  Adimec Advanced Imaging integrated the latest CMOS into TMX series to create high end security applications. The TMX cameras have a frame rate of 30fps colour images.

Since CMOS image sensors are superior in performance compared to CCDs, they are slowly replacing the CCDs or coastal or harbour surveillance. Unfortunately, EMCCDs have to be cooled down for them to perform well. That is a challenge considering that you have to provide high voltage or the sensors and you need to integrate power consumption. This makes it unsuitable if you need the system to run for long. Adimec is working on CMO to improve on its performance and reduce its integration, cost and reliability issues.

More than Pictures

Pyramid imaging is working on the analytics bit of the systems to make it possible to analyse and use data collected. Some companies are already working on developing software that recognizes anomalies after persistent monitoring.

As America looks for ways of guaranteeing secure entry points, machine vision continue to improve on its service by improving the performance of CMOS and by integrating new techniques in their analytics.


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