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Top Tips On Using Bands For Your Wedding

Every time you come into contact with a couple who just sealed their wedding vows you will always be met by “I wish we knew you before” the moment they realize you are a musician. The next thing you will be listening to is a narration of wedding disaster, especially on the musician’s side. It is the worst thing that can ever happen to couples getting married as this bad ordeal stays with them for the longest time. Avoiding such an incident is easy as you will get to know in this detailed article.

  1. Let it be known the kind of music you want to be played at the reception-You will be amazed at how this could be an eye opener for both couples as your fiancé likes listening to jazz while you prefer classic music. Let the band supposed to perform avail their playlist and be well-versed with all other charges they offer requests and the cost.
  2. Ask for any references and if time allows then have a date with the band members and listen to the music they have before sampling.
  3.    When the cost is provided ensure there are no other hidden charges, and the amount is inclusive of all services being provided.
  1. A certified band should have a Public Liability Certificate which you should certify that if it can still be used. All electrical equipment especially the public address system should be tested and functional.
  2. Sign an agreement to avoid having disagreements after the occasion comes to an end. Some band members can start exaggerating on prices you had not agreed on.
  3. As the old adage goes “you should not mix business with friendship” It is okay to have friends of friends perform at your wedding but ensure to write all the terms and conditions down. Ensure cancellation clauses are included in case they go against any agreement.
  4. Most times best wedding bands will request for a deposit before they can confirm a booking, ensure to get a receipt from them and know the conditions before parting with your money.
  5. Offer your band some food and soft drinks as this will give them the energy needed to perform better. They do not necessarily need to indulge in the food your guests are feasting on, have a separate order for them. No alcohol should be given to a performing band.
  6. Be clear about when all the equipment should be set up as you do not want any embarrassment of “mike testing” in the middle of the event. Most times, the people in charge of the venue will be able to advice on a practical solution. Likewise, know how they pick up on the procession after playing to avoid interruptions.
  7. Have a dress code well written in the contract as some bands may have a matching theme to the wedding. Always request them to be smartly dressed after they arrive and setting up.
  8. The music should not be noisy and loud. Wedding attendees are usually of all ages and from all walks of life playing moderate music is advisable. People would also love to converse to each other and be heard unlike shouting to a person seated next to them.
  9. It is recommendable to book a band through a music company agency as it is hassle-free.

All people planning a wedding should consider the following guidelines to have a seamless affair.

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